Adult and sub-adult Brazilian Rainbow Boas for sale.

Available BRB's Price Description:
Shown are two pics of each BRB, first normal, second with flash    
    Please note:  Shipping of adult animals does not fall under my normal baby shipping rates.  Shipments will be quoted on an individual basis as the packages are larger/heavier and therefore cost more to ship.  Historically in the $75 - $100 range.
    Special group pricing, buy all four Wipeout line animals and get 30% off = $1750 for all four including shipping
    SOLD 2 (full payment received) or on HOLD 4 (partial payment received)
HOLD 4 Jessica
 Male Anery Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Amos, OL-PE-1301 born 08/31/2013 (587 Grams)
2013 hold back being replaced by multi-gene visual Anery males.
SOLD 2 James
 Male F2 Calico offspring Brazilian Rainbow Boa
"Ford", SL-SP-1205
born 09/21/2012 (931 Grams)
Did not turn Calico and need the space for other projects.
Beautiful orange animal from using top color females in the original project.
Still working the project with other animals that are showing the Calico trait.
HOLD 4 James
Misty - BU-OY-0805 Female 09/05/2008

Proven breeder from my Old Yeller project, never saw babies like grandpa so moving on. 1528 Grams