Litter Details:  
Dam - Khaleesi high Orange
Sire - Yang, from my 2005 Savannah x Porky litter
  Mating/birthing pics


Available Babies Price Description:
Shown are two pics of each baby, first normal, second with flash   19 babies born on 07/15/2017 from Khaleesi and Yang.  Khaleesi is a nice 2013 high orange BRB I received as an almost adult in 2016.  She went through a darkening phase as many females do just prior to breeding season.  Yang is one of my high color adults from my 2005 Savannah x Porky litter.  Brother to Pheonix, this line makes very nice babies.  This litter is a little bit of an unknown.  Decent color at first shed, I just don't know how far they will color up.  I picked out a few standouts for the $200-$225 price range and let the rest trail down from there. 
    SOLD 2 (full payment received) or on HOLD 4 (partial payment received)
SOLD 2 Lukas
Female Brazilian Rainbow Boa KH-YA-1718