Litter Details:  
Dam - Mandy, Het Hypo from 08/06/2009 Daisey x Mickey litter.
Sire - Billy the Kid, 2008 Hypo from Mark Hauge
Scrooge, example of prior offspring from this pairing in 2015
  Mating/birthing pics


Available Babies Price Description:
Shown are two pics of each baby, first normal, second with flash   Mandy delivered her litter of 13 babies on 08/04/2019.  I waited for second shed as I wanted to keep a female Hypo for myself to match the caliber of Scrooge.  I honestly think both females are amazing and will make stunning adult Hypos.  This pairing simply makes awesome babies.  Odds were not with me though, only 2 hypos with 11 het Hypos. 
    SOLD 2 (full payment received) or on HOLD 4 (partial payment received)
Female - Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boa MY-BK-1801
HOLD 4 Travis
Female - Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boa MY-BK-1802