Litter Details:  
Dam - Calamity Jane, Hypo from Mark Hauge
Sire - Lorenzo, Het Hypo from Dawn x Ziggy 2012 litter
  Mating/birthing pics


Available Babies Price Description:
Shown are two pics of each baby, first normal, second with flash   Calamity dropped her litter on 08/24/2018, on a Friday while I was at a local show setting up.  Made for a busy evening ;-)  14 babies including one quite small baby with a large leftover yolk.  Ended up needing to remove the yolk to help her survive.  She's doing fine but not for sale for a while.  Odds were very good for this litter with ten Hypos and four Het Hypos.  The Hypos are nice peachy colored individuals.
Female - Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boa CJ-LZ-1809
    SOLD 2 (full payment received) or on HOLD 4 (partial payment received)
HOLD 4 Klaus
Female - Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boa CJ-LZ-1808
HOLD 4 Nikki
Female - Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boa CJ-LZ-1814