Colombian Rainbow Boas for sale.

Available CRB's Price Description:
Shown are two pics of each CRB, first normal, second with flash    
    Fall of 2014 I imported some Caramel Brazilian Rainbow Boas form Europe with the help of my friend David Brickhill-Jones.  There was extra room in the shipment so David included some of his Colombian Rainbow Boa morph animals on consignment.  There was a typo on the CITES paperwork so they spent several weeks it the importer while that was all sorted out.  When they were finally shipped to me I figured they needed an extra long quarantine.  They did just fine, not one problem with them.  No sign of mites, eating and shedding just fine.  Totally healthy in all aspects so now available for sale.
Male #1 Hypo Het Albino Colombian Rainbow Boa born 03/05/2014
From Visual Hypo(M) x Albino(F).  All the babies were visual Hypos so one of two possible modes of inheritance:
1) Hypo is dominant and the visual Hypo male was a super
2) Hypo is recessive and works together with Albino similar to Paradigm in boas except Hypo/Albino is visually the same as Hypo/Hypo.

Any way you slice it, these are as cutting edge as you can get!
    SOLD (full payment received) or on HOLD (partial payment received)