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CANDY STRIPE BRB's -Now TWO litters produced from the same pairing.  BOTH with Super Candy Stripe babies!!
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ALBINO BRB's -07/14/2016 Bianca delivered an amazing litter with 3.4 Albinos and 5.7 het Albinos.  All healthy full term babies.  
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01/13/2018 - 216 and 2017 Albino BRB's at new 2018 pricing!!
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07/22/2017 - Jamie had a nice group of 16 babies in her cage.  Not even close to her due date hmmmm.  5.4 Hypos and 4.3 Hets so no complaints from me. 
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07/11/2017 - First BRB litter of 2017 for me and wow it is a very nice one, Bianca delivered her second litter of ALBINO and Pos Het Albino babies.  3.2 Albinos and 4.7 66% Het Albino babies.


06/06/2017 Dee delivered a nice litter of 25 healthy babies, a nice mix of Hypo and Cyclone genetics in the pile.
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05/30/2017 - Mariah delivered a sweet litter of 19 babies with an assortment of Motley, Hypo, Jungle and Monster Tail genes mixed into every baby.
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07/14/2016 - Bianca delivered her litter of ALBINO and Pos Het Albino babies.  3.4 Albinos and 5.7 66% Het Albino babies.

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4/27/2016 - Aphrodite delivered a very nice litter of 25 BCI babies.  Since Jungle showed up in those babies, Mom who was from a Jungle litter, is actually a low expression Jungle.

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07/10/2015 - WORLDS FIRST Lockwood/Sharp Ghosts born.  Trixie x Bubba (DH Ghost x DH Ghost) amazing litter with three Ghosts, three Hypo pos het Ghosts, two Anery pos het Ghosts and 8 pos DH Ghosts.

02/16/2015 - Male Hypo Het Albino Colombian Rainbow boa from Finland available for sale.

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Brazilian Rainbow Boa pairings for 2018 are now up on the BRB breedings page.  I introduced the males on January 11th and within the first couple of days I witnessed several wraps and one copulation.  Great start to the 2018 BRB season.


Check out the Brazilian Rainbow Boa Breedings page for details.




Boa Constrictor Imperator breeding season for 2018 is under way, please check out the BCI breedings page for details


Check out the Boa Constrictor Imperator Breedings page for details.






Upcoming reptile shows:

March 3rd & 4th
Reptilian Nation Expo
Texas Station - Dallas Ballroom
2101 Texas Star Lane
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April 14th & 15th
Reptile Breeders Show
Lodi Grape Festival
413 East Lockeford Street
Lodi, CA 95420

April 21st & 22nd
Central Valley Reptile Expo
Fresno Fairgrounds
1121 S. Chance Ave
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May 19th & 20th
Norcal Reptile Expo
Alameda County Fairgrounds
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August 25th & 26th
San Jose Reptile Show
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
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September 29th & 30th
Sacramento Reptile Show
Sacramento Convention Center
1400 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

October TBD
NBHS Reptile Show

November 17th & 18th
Conex Reptile & Exotic Animal Expo
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