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Our Wait List Process


In an effort to accommodate customers interested in purchasing babies not yet born we have several species and morph related wait lists.  Each individual list has two levels:

Option 1: Prepaid deposit list

          Highest priority for selection of any new baby produced (within individual wait list description)
          Sign up for one or more individual animals on one or more individual wait lists
          One deposit for each individual sign up (2 sign ups = 2 deposits)
          Deposit to be $200 or 10% of projected purchase price whichever is greater.
          Individual spots are for one baby each and once used are gone
          Deposit fully applicable to purchase price
          Purchases will be accepted in prepaid deposit list sequence
          Sign ups not used in current year automatically roll over into following year list
          Sign ups may be moved to a different list but of course will go to end of new list

Option 2: Announce list

          Second priority for selection of any new baby produced
          No deposit required
          One announce list covers all babies produced, normal and morph
          Requests processed in order received

Baby selection process

          As individual litters or groups of litters are ready for sale, Emails will be sent to individuals with prepaid spots. Those individuals have the option (in prepaid spot sequence) to use or save their spot(s) for future litters.  Any spots not used by the end of the current year will automatically roll to the next year. 

          Second email sent to the option 2 list and those individuals have the opportunity to purchase babies. Requests processed in order received. 

Wait lists currently available

          1) Normal BRB, (includes high color animals)
          2) Hypo BRB
          3) Anery BRBc
          4) Pearl BRB
          5) Candy Stripe BRB, future year
          6) Picaso Stripe BRB
          7) T- Albino BRB
          8) T+ Albino BRB, future year
          9) Zebra Stripe Pearl BRB

          10) BCI

          Please inquire for possible wait list for longer term projects, I'm open to starting new lists as requested
          Wait lists are not available for individual litters or specific colors.

Starting a "new" wait list
There are two basic types of wait lists:

          1) Babies we are currently producing (normal BRB's, Hypo BRB's etc.) 
              These lists will be started whenever someone requests it.

          2) Future year list for babies we plan on eventually producing (Candy Stripe BRB, Ghost BRB etc.)
              These lists can be started at any time, whenever someone asks I will start the "20xx ______" list. 
              (20xx for year unknown)


Any questions?  Want to be on one or more lists at level 1, level 2 or even both?  want to start a new list?  Simply email me and we'll take care of you.




Dave Colling
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