About Us 

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Rainbows-r-us-reptiles is a family owned, family operated business run by Dave Colling and his wife Desiree. I owe a great deal of thanks to my wife for all her support, while reptiles are not her "thing" She does understand my passion for them and has endured countless hours of my ramblings.

We at Rainbows-r-us-reptiles are dedicated to the production of selective bred Boas. All of our breeders are selected for color, pattern and genetics. It all started with several pet snakes back in the late 80s. Our first breeding project was BRBs and that was so fun, I was hooked. Weve grown the business into BCI morphs and plan on producing many varieties of BCI morphs.

We understand more than anything else that honesty, integrity, product value and customer care are the four cornerstones of any successful business. We are committed to those concepts, so our customers can purchase from us with confidence. Each and every animal is represented to the best of our knowledge.

We also understand that each and every one of our babies are very important to not only us but to their eventual owner. All of our animals come with as complete a history as we can put together. Lineage, morph status (including het and possible hets), and picture(s) are included along with individual history card. Clearly not everyone can afford (including us) to purchase every boa they wish to have in their collection. Keeping that in mind, we plan on producing many levels of boas. For example Snow boas, not only do we plan on producing Snows but also plan on producing the less expensive animals that will allow you to produce your own Snow boa. There are four genetic possibilities that will allow you to produce Snow babies, Snows - Duh, Albino Het Anery, Anery Het Albino and Double Het (Albino and Anery).

Our customers are important to us along with our babies. We will always work with each and every one of our customers to ensure all aspects of care are understood and the new home is ready BEFORE we will ship any animal.