CARE SHEETS, Stories, Morphs and Genetics
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Care sheet links Care sheet descriptions
General BRB care sheet Care information for all ages of Brazilian Rainbow Boas
Neonate BRB care sheet Care specific for your newly acquired baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa
BRB Humidity care sheet Specifics about maintaining higher humidity for your Brazilian Rainbow Boa
BRB Breeding care sheet Details about methods for breeding Brazilian Rainbow Boas the have worked for me.
Snake Mite - extermination sheet How to properly identify and exterminate snake mites.
Snake regurge care sheet How to properly care for a baby snake that is regurgitating it's meals.


Story links Some of my experiences from keeping snakes
Lazarus Dead on arrival - or not?
Ziggy and Zoe Candy Stripe story.
Bianca and Norbert Albino BRB story.


Genetics links The genetics behind morphs
Genetics Terms Some Genetic terms and what they mean
Expected Outcomes What to expect when breeding recessive, dominant or incomplete dominant traits
BRB Morphs Current list of BRB Morphs along with proven status
Multi Morph Calculator Want to combine multiple morphs into one animal, this will help figure out the odds for specific outcomes.