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Maintaining humidity in your Rainbow Boas cage



Being from tropical rain forests, Rainbow Boas require high humidity.  There are three basic factors to humidity:


Evaporation - is the process of water molecules becoming airborne.


Dissipation - The natural tendency of airborne water particles is to spread out as far apart as possible.


Condensation - warm moist air contacting a cooler surface will cause the water molecules to condense into droplets on the cool surface.



The number one mistake made with rainbow boas is to give them lots of ventilation.  They really do not require much oxygen.  They’ve even been reported to submerge under water for up to 30 minutes at a time.  That ventilation will allow all those precious airborne water molecules to dissipate into your house.   Unless your house is humid, many more will leave than enter.  This will result in the enclosure drying out.


Many keepers use misting regimens to keep humidity levels up.  IMO, you need to set up the environment so it will automatically be humid. Here are the steps I take to provide that environment.


1) LIMIT VENTILATION - my adult rainbow boa cage sections are around 6 cubic feet and only have one two inch round vent.  More than enough for air exchange.


2) Provide LARGE surface area water bowls.  Remember, the larger the surface area, the more water will evaporate. 


3) I provide damp hide boxes.  A sweater box size for adults with holes in the sides.  An inch of peat moss and another inch of green moss.  All kept damp


4) Depending on your enclosure you can fine tune your system by moving the water bowl around.  Closer to the warm end and more evaporation, closer to the cool end and less.


My cages:




Moss box:





Thanks for reading and I hope this helps