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Litter Details:  
Dam - Mandy, Het Hypo from 08/06/2009 Daisey x Mickey litter.
Sire - Sam, DH Pearl Hypo from 2011 Pearl x Mickey litter
  Mating/birthing pics
Born 07/06/2021, Yet another of my outcrossing projects with the Hypo gene.  Very healthy and robust babies. Outcrossed Hypos are key to any breeding project.  The pos hets are basically priced as normals.      


Available Babies Price Description:
Shown are two pics of each baby, first normal, second with flash    


Male Outcrossed Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boa MY-SA-2101
Pick of the litter Male high color Hypo and outcrossed = Wow


Female 66% Het Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boa MY-SA-2113
    SOLD 2 (full payment received) or on HOLD 4 (partial payment received)
HOLD 4 Harry
Male 66% Het Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boa MY-SA-2110