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Litter Details:  
Dam - Aubergine, Pearl phase from 2007 (actually the first Super Zebra Pearl, lower expression but still a Super)

Sire - Jean Claude 2014 Super Zebra Stripe Pearl


  Mating/birthing pics
06/04/2022, 8 babies born, the first Super Zebra x Super Zebra pairing.  A whole litter of Supers.      


Available Babies Price Description:
Shown are two pics of each baby, first normal, second with flash    

Male Super Zebra Stripe AU-JC-2202



Male Super Zebra Stripe AU-JC-2203



Female Super Zebra Stripe AU-JC-2207





Female Super Zebra Stripe AU-JC-2208


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HOLD 4 Adrian
Female Super Zebra Stripe AU-JC-2204